Top 5 Frameworks for Dapps

Overview of Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Applications like Google, Twitter, Facebook and PayPal operate on platforms developed and managed through the firm. The apps run on an uncentralized server. That means that the companies have total control over the applications and capabilities.

DApps are similar in the way they function. Still, one can report directly to the blockchain rather than sending information back to Google and PayPal servers. The application helps to gain access to the blockchain.

DApps are software systems that operate on blockchain and peer-to-peer networks instead of centralized servers. Blockchain is the engine behind DApps technology. That is why they differ from other applications and may be superior to other applications.

Frameworks can aid in the development of better and faster applications. More decentralized applications (DApps) are deploying as blockchain technology advances. Frameworks explicitly designed to simplify DApp development are becoming more common.

There are top five frameworks for DApps


Truffle is a well-known framework that allows you to build Ethereum-based DApps. It’s a platform for development that allows blockchain developers to design Smart Contracts, develop and design the front-end designs of DApps and then test.

These are the characteristics that make Truffle such a powerful tool to create DApps based on Ethereum:

To start the development environment and running. You must ensure that you already have Node.js running on your computer. After that, type this command in your terminal.
					$ npm install -g truffle 

In your project, execute this command to initiate Truffle:
					$ truffle init 
Following that, you can make your contracts compliant using trufflecompile, truffle migrate along tests on truffle. Add those contracts on the network and run the tests.


Brownie is an open-source Python framework that creates and tests intelligent contracts specifically for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) applications. It’s Python-based, using Python libraries like and the pytest library. Additionally, it uses python to create scripts.
Here are a few features of Brownie:

Brownie installation

We’ll use the Python 3.6 version or the latest to start Brownie installation. Brownie installation is possible using pip or pipx, but pipx is preferred.

To install pipx, run this command:

					python3 -m pip install --user pipx  
					python3 -m pipx ensurepath 
Then use pipx to install the framework:
					pipx install eth-brownie 
And see, it’s all done!


The framework Hardhat provides assist in designing and testing smart contracts for DApps. With Hardhat, it is possible to compile and deploy, test, and troubleshoot your decentralized applications (DApps).

Here are some characteristics that make Hardhat an excellent framework for creating DApps:

Hardhat installation

Make sure you are running node.js Version 12 or greater installed on your PC for the installation process to begin. This command will install Hardhat:
					npm install -D hardhat 
After it has been installed, we will use it to build the Hardhat project. We’ll be using the npx framework that comes with Node.js. It lets you run dependencies installed locally on your project on time. Execute this command to run Hardhat:
					$ npx hardhat 


The Embark framework allows blockchain developers to create, test, and release DApps with no server. It makes most of the work involved in creating this application incredibly easy.

A few of the Embark framework’s features are:

Embark Installation

Before you start the installation process, make sure the tools are installed on your PC
It’s not required to install Ethereum Client and IPFS. However, it’s highly recommended to install them.
Run this command to install Embark:
					npm -g install embark 


Let’s create smart contracts with our Truffle framework and OpenZeppelin Contracts for DApps. OpenZeppelin contracts contain Solidity codes imported into the source files. It helps reduce the amount of code that has to be written by hand.

OpenZeppelin installation

To install OpenZeppelin, use the following command:
					$ npm install @openzeppelin/cli 
To set up an OpenZeppelin project, use the following:
					$ npx openzeppelin init 
With the help of an example smart contract in the documentation of OpenZeppelin, which is below to compile this code
					// contracts/Counter.sol 
pragma solidity ^0.5.0;  
contract Counter {     
		uint256 public value;
		function increase() public {

To compile, run the following:
					$ oz compile    


Developers love DApps because they provide more functionality and benefits. That centralized applications and DApps can create using frameworks.

Before choosing the proper framework for your project, it is essential to determine what you are trying to build and what tools you will need. If you are looking for a Python-based program, Brownie is an excellent alternative.

We have learned: