Top 15 Project Ideas Based on Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence will alter our way of life in the near future

Artificial intelligence affects the future of almost every field and every human being. Artificial intelligence has served as the primary driver behind new technologies such as big data, robotics, and IoT. It will continue to serve as an innovator in technology in the future. We had also listed the top AI software that you should be aware of, if you want to know in-depth about Artificial Intellegency Softwares

Ideas of Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners

1.Predict Housing Price

We’re just getting started for our first Ai-powered Project Ideas. In this project, you must forecast the sale price of a new home. This project’s dataset includes house prices in various areas of the city. The data sources for this project are available there at UCI Machine Learning Repository. Aside from the prices of various homes, you will also receive datasets containing the age of the residents, the city’s crime rate, and the locations of non-retail businesses. It’s a wonderful project for beginners to put their knowledge to the test.

2.Enron Investigation

Enron was one of the largest energy companies in the United States. Still, it went bankrupt in 2000 due to a significant allegation of fraud. It was the most egregious controversy in American history. Enron was a major energy company in the United States.

Enron may have vanished, but its database has not. The database in question is its email database, which contains approximately 500,000 emails between former employees and executives. Because all of the emails in the database are genuine, this project becomes more interesting.

This database is used for social network analysis (creating graph models to find influencers) or anomaly detection (finding abnormal behavior by mapping the distribution of sent emails). It is one of the most well-known AI projects.

Because this project is very popular among data scientists, don’t be afraid to ask a question in the community.

3.Stock Price Prediction

That is a fantastic Artificial Intelligence project idea for a beginner. The stock market is a favorite of ML experts, and that’s because it’s jam-packed with information. You can obtain various data sets and begin working on a project right away.

Students who want to work in the finance industry will enjoy this project because it will provide valuable insight into various aspects of the industry. The stock market’s feedback cycles are also short, which aids in invalidating your predictions.

In this AI project, you can predict the six-month price movements of a stock using data from the organization’s provided reports.

4.Customer Recommendation

AI has had a significant impact on e-commerce, and Amazon’s customer recommendation system is the best example. Because of a better customer experience, this customer recommendation system has significantly increased the platform’s income.

You can also create a customer recommendation system for an e-commerce platform. You can use the customer’s browsing history to collect data.


Creating a chatbot is one of the best AI-based projects. Begin by developing a basic chatbot for customer service. You can get ideas from the chatbots that are available on various websites. After you’ve created a basic chatbot, you can improve it and create a more detailed version.

You can then change the chatbot’s niche and improve its functions. AI allows you to create a plethora of new chatbots. If you want to learn more about creating a chatbot in Python, click here.

Ideas for Advance Level Artificial Intelligence Projects

1.Voice-based Virtual Assistant for Windows

It is a fascinating Artificial Intelligence project idea. Voice-based personal assistants are helpful tools for streamlining daily tasks. For example, you can use virtual voice assistants to search the Web for items/services, shop for products for you, write notes and set a reminder, and many more.

This virtual assistant with a voice interface was designed specifically for Windows. A Windows user can use this assistant to open any application they want (Notepad, File Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) by using the voice command “open.” You can also use the “write” voice command to write meaningful messages.

Similarly, “search” is the voice command for searching the Web. Because the NLP-trained assistant is qualified to understand natural human language, that will hear the order and save it in the database. It will recognize a user’s intent from the spoken word and take the appropriate actions. It can also transform text – to – speech.

2.Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection

It is a popular artificial intelligence project idea. This project aims to build on a ground-breaking modern Deep Learning application – facial expression recognition. Even though facial expression recognition has long been the subject of research and study, we are only now seeing tangible results of that analysis

Deep Learning facial expression detection and recognition systems aim to recognize and interpret human facial expressions. It can detect core human emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, and neutrality in real-time. First, the automatic facial expression recognition system will detect facial expressions in a cluttered scene to perform facial feature extraction and classification.

It will then use a Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to train a dataset (FER2013). This dataset includes seven facial expressions: happy, sad, surprised, fearful, angry, disgusted, and neutral. This facial emotion detection and recognition system are unique. It can monitor human emotions, distinguish between good and bad feelings, and label them appropriately. It can also use tagged emotion information to identify its thinking patterns and behavior.

3.Online Assignment Plagiarism Checker

That is one of the most pressing AI projects of the day. Plagiarism is a severe problem that must be addressed and monitored. It refers to the practice of blindly copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. Plagiarism is committed by paraphrasing sentences, using similar keywords, changing sentence forms, etc. In this sense, plagiarism is analogous to intellectual property theft.

In this assignment, you will create a plagiarism detector that can identify the similarity between duplicates of texts and identify the proportion of plagiarism. The plagiarism detector is based on the technique of text mining. The software allows users can sign up using an account with a valid login ID and password.

Thus, you will be able to log in with your ID and password to add your work file. Your file is separated into reference and content when the upload is finished. The checker will process the entire content, verify spelling and grammar mistakes, visit every reference link, and examine the contents of all references to identify matches to your content. Users can also save their files and access them in the future.

4.Pneumonia Detection

Goal to build an AI system made up of convolution neural networks (CNNs) along with Python, which can recognize Pneumonia in scans of X-rays

The issue is that Pneumonia remains a danger and is a major cause of death in several nations. The problem is that X-ray images are taken to look for illnesses like Pneumonia and cancer, tumors or tumors, etc. In general and can have poor visibility, making the process of assessing ineffective. However, if the right treatment is given, it can reduce mortality rates significantly.

In addition, the position of the patient, its shape and the size of Pneumonia can vary at an alarming rate as the target contour is a bit hazy. It increases the likelihood of detection and accuracy. We are now working on an instrument that detects Pneumonia earlier with the greatest precision to provide the proper treatment and help save lives.

5.Project to Predict Heart Disease

The project is beneficial in a medical sense as it’s intended to offer medical advice and consultation to those who suffer from heart disease. Patients frequently complain about the difficulty of finding competent doctors to meet their medical needs, which aggravates their condition. This application for predicting heart diseases will assist in tackling the problem.

The online application proposed allows users (users) to gain immediate access to advice and assistance from licensed medical professionals concerning heart disease. The app will be educated and fed with information on various heart ailments. Users can share and discuss their concerns about heart health via the website.

The system will process this data to search the database for potential illnesses associated with these specific details. This sophisticated system employs algorithms for data mining to identify the most accurate illness related to the information provided by a patient. Users can consult specialists based on the diagnosis provided by the system. The system lets users look up the information of various doctors.

6.AI-Based Games

The goal is to develop games for video using AI concepts.

The current issue is that the video gaming industry is growing, and players are becoming sophisticated. This means that there is always a need to develop and create exciting game titles that are distinctive as you drive sales.

AI-based concepts are utilized to design games such as chess, race vehicles, procedural games and more. It can use various skills like chatbots and speech recognition, NLP Image processing, data mining, CNN machine learning, and more to make the most realistic video game.

AI is employed to develop various video games, including AlphaGo, Deep Blue, FEAR, Halo, and many more.

7.Personality Prediction System Based on CV Analysis

It is among the most intriguing Artificial Intelligence project ideas. It’s not easy to select the most qualified candidates from a huge pile of CVs. What if there was a program that could discern a candidate’s character through the analysis of their CV? It would help make deciding who to hire easier to handle. This project aims to develop an advanced program that provides legally based and honest CV ranking systems.

The system works like this: applicants will join the system, filling in all required information and uploading their resumes. Candidates will also be required to take an online test that examines personal characteristics and abilities. Candidates are also able to view the results of their tests.

The system will evaluate candidates according to their qualifications and experiences for a specific job description. It will also consider other important aspects, such as interest, soft skills, professional qualifications, etc. It will filter out all ineligible candidates for a position and produce an inventory of the most appropriate candidates. Along with the online assessment of personality and the CV, The system will provide an accurate picture of applicants, easing the HR department’s work.

8.Banking Bot 

It is among the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas for novices. This AI project involves creating the banking bot using artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze questions from users to determine the message they are trying to convey and then take the correct actions. It’s a custom-designed application designed for banks. Users can inquire about bank-related issues such as loans, accounts and credit cards, among others. If you’re looking for excellent AI projects to include on your resume, This is it.

Banking bots are Android applications. Much like a chatbot, it is trained to respond to users’ queries and requests and comprehend the kind of information or services they’re seeking. The bot communicates with users just like a human being. So, no matter what you want to ask a question, the bot can respond and, if necessary and even escalate issues with the human executive.

9.Sales Forecasting

It can help create software that predicts the business’s sales.

Companies that deal with various products have difficulty maintaining and tracking the sales figures for each product. They also have trouble tracking the stock and making discontinued products available. As a result, they could fail in providing the correct products for the customers, which can negatively impact the customer experience.

The development of sales predictor software can help you estimate the sales average daily and weekly or monthly. This way, you will determine how your products are performing and stock up on more products in time to meet the customer’s needs.

To achieve this, you will need capabilities such as machine learning algorithms analysis of data, Big Data and many more to allow the software to predict sales accurately.

10.Automation System

This project will develop a software application that can automate specific processes to improve productivity.

Manual work that is repetitive and repetitive is laborious and time-consuming. It is not just boring but also reduces productivity. Therefore, a system must be designed to automate various tasks like scheduling calls, recording attendance and autocorrection, making transactions more efficient, and much more.

Using AI allows you to create software that automatizes such tasks to improve efficiency and free up time for other more crucial tasks. It is also possible to send out notifications in real-time so that you can accomplish tasks on time. The development of this system requires expertise in NLP, facial recognition, computer vision and much more.

Automation made possible by AI is used extensively to create productive tools for businesses of any size and across various industries like banking, finance education, manufacturing, and banking.


When Theory of Mind can be developed in artificial intelligence sometime in the future, the last stage will be for AI to be self-aware. Self-aware artificial intelligence is human-like and comprehends its place in the world and the state of mind and physical presence of other people. It will know what people may require and not just the words they use to communicate with them, but also how they convey it.
Artificial intelligence’s self-awareness depends on humans comprehending the fundamentals of consciousness and learning how to replicate it to build it into machines.