How To Recover Lost WordPress Passwords Like A Pro?
Change your password to “Incorrect.”
So whenever you forget, it reminds you that “Your Password is Incorrect.”

Jokes a Part!

Need Help Remember Your WordPress Password?

Cybercrime is a growing problem, especially since it is so prevalent. Therefore, it would be best if you secured your password to secure your confidential information and data.

Why not?

Almost all our lives are online, from personal photographs to professional knowledge. Therefore, it is increasingly important to have a secure password that is hard to guess.

A tough password is sometimes necessary, but remembering it can be challenging. In particular, this applies to websites (WordPress websites) that require strong passwords, particularly if they need a password to meet specific character requirements. Due to this, people often need to remember it.

It is not easy to retrieve these passwords, especially those used on WordPress websites, because many security layers are in place to prevent them from becoming compromised. Don’t worry! Using our solutions, you can retrieve the passwords to your WordPress website.

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Password Tips For WordPress

Before resetting the password, we should review a few tips to secure the password. Here’re a few tips below:

Protect your password with a strong one.

You all know this step will not bring anything new, but it is something most people ignore pretty well.

Strong passwords are essential for WordPress admin accounts. Your site is easily hacked if your password is weak.

Passwords should be strong because they:

  • Must contain at least

    ten characters

  • In addition to the

    alphabet, use numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and special characters.

  • Contains no personally identifiable information or

    can’t be guessed easily


If your password is your name, don’t be surprised if your account hack!

To summarize, passwords should be complex and unique enough for an exploit to be hard to pull off.

Resetting your WordPress admin Password

To regain access to your WordPress website, you can utilize several approaches. The first way to reset your WordPress password is below.

Using the “Lost Your Password” link

To reset your WordPress password, you can use a variety of methods. We will discuss these methods and how to apply them to your website here.

Hit “Lost Your Password” to reset your password.

By default, WordPress provides a password reset link to facilitate the process.

The following steps will allow you to utilize this provision: Navigate to your WordPress dashboard: https://yourdomain/wp-admin, where you should replace your domain with your actual site domain.

After clicking “Lost your password?”, click “Forgot your password?”.

After you enter your username or email address, you will be prompted to enter your password.

You can get a new password by typing in your username or email address and clicking the “Get New Password” button.

Suppose your website is properly configured to send emails. In that case, you will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your website.

First, to save your new password, click on the “Reset Password” link within the email.

Then, click on the “Reset Password” link after you’ve entered your new password.

Use the WordPress dashboard to change your WordPress password by asking another administrator.

For the second method, you’ll need to contact a separate Admin user on the website who can assist you with resetting your lost WordPress password.

Finally, you can change your password by editing your profile with the help of another WordPress admin user on your site.

The steps are as follows:

  1. If you want assistance resetting your password, ask one of the admins on your website.
  2. Users > All Users allows the admin user to reset your password on your behalf once logged in. You can edit your profile by hitting your user name in the list.
  3. You can find Account Management on the user profile page. In addition, you can reset your password by clicking the Set New Password button.
  4. Use LastPass to share your new password with them securely.
  5. Log in with your password and immediately change it to something solid and unique so you won’t be lost it again.

Using cPanel, you can reset your password.

With phpMyAdmin, you can reset your lost WordPress password if you have admin access to your website’s cPanel or web hosting control panel.

  1. Access your hosting account and go to cPanel. Then, click on ‘phpMyAdmin’ under the databases section:
  2. The left side of your screen will display a list of databases once you have logged into your phpMyAdmin account. Click on a site’s WordPress data at this point.
  3. Click the Browse icon on the right side of the wp_users row.
  4. After clicking the browse icon, it will take you to a page listing all your registered users. You can find the username, email address, and encrypted password here.
  5. Click ‘Edit’ on the user to change their password.
  6. In the ‘user_pass’ section, you can change your WordPress password. On the next page, next to ‘user_pass,’ you will find a list of numbers and letters. The long string should be selected and deleted as soon as possible.
  7. Type in the new password that you want to use. Make sure you use the correct case.
  8. (See the image below for an example of choosing MD5). MD5 encrypts passwords, so this step is crucial.
  9. Verify that your password is correct and that you have selected MD5 as the encryption method.
  10. At the bottom of the page, you will find the ‘Go’ button.
  11. Enter your new username and password in the wp-admin URL.

Using functions.php to reset a password

Your active theme’s functions.php file also allows you to reset your WordPress password. Following are the steps you must take to accomplish this:

  1. Use Filezilla or a hosting panel like cPanel to log in to your website via FTP.
  2. You will now need to locate to the public_html > yoursitename > wp-content > themes > yourtheme directory, where “yoursitename” represents the name of your actual site, and “yourtheme” represents the name of your actual theme. Can edit The functions.php file within the theme directory:
  3. In the functions.php file, add the following line of code right after the first <?php opening tag.
  4. Initially, the code above takes the new password as a parameter. Then, it can replace it with The value with your own Strong WordPress Password of choice. In addition, there is a parameter called the user ID. Here, the user ID represents the site administrator, 1, in this case.
  5. If you’ve already set a password, you can attempt to access your WordPress dashboard once you’ve saved your changes. However, to ensure that your site is secure and that the reset doesn’t happen again after logging in, you need to remove the code from the functions.php file.

PHP Script for Emergency Password Reset

If all else fails, you can recover a lost WordPress password through one final password reset option. A PHP file must be created from a pre-written script and added to your website’s core.

There are several significant limitations to this method, and it should use only as a last resort for the following reasons:

  • This option requires a username and email address from the site administrator.
  • The website administrator’s password will be reset using this method so that permission will be required. You should be conscious of this if you are the admin user.
  • It may pose a security risk to your website, so use caution

You can follow the following steps to add a script for emergency password resets:

  1. The Emergency Password Reset Script on the WordPress codex will provide the PHP script.
  2.  Open your text editor and build a file called “emergency.php.” Create a new file with the script pasted from the WordPress Codex link in the previous step.
  3. Make sure the file contains the information for your admin, and save it.
  4. Go to your control panel or FTP client and log into your web hosting account. You can do this using your file manager or FTP client.
  5. In the root directory, add the new file. It should not place in the plugin directory.
  6. Click on the following link to open a new browser tab: https://[yourdomainname].com/emergency.php.
  7. A prompt will appear asking for the admin’s username. Once you have created a new password, change it immediately. After you have finished, click on “Update Options.” You should be sent a confirmation email with the unique password to your administrator if you entered the correct username.

A must-read! To avoid security risks, delete the emergency.php file once the admin has regained access.


A lost WordPress password mustn’t mess your day up. You’ll be back in business by resetting or changing your WordPress password in no time.

If you forget or lose your WordPress password, we hope this article gives you sufficient insight to reset it.

Please! Feel free to utilize the comment section below if you have any queries or suggestions.

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