In today’s article, we will explore the most significant and boldest update ever for Shopify. This update is perfect for Shopify users because it allows them to customize their stores much more quickly and gives them a lot of flexibility.

This article is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this new update and how you can profit from it, but before jumping into it, let’s understand the basics.

Setup Guide for Shopify Dawn theme

We’ll give you a quick setup tip on the dawn theme, one of Shopify’s new online store 2.0 themes.

First, log into your Shopify admin and go to Online Store > Themes. And here, you’ll find the Dawn theme already installed as the default theme, then click on try theme.

From here, find the theme you want to edit, click the Customize button, and that’ll get you started.

So let’s go to your Shopify admin, go to the online store, and you’re simply going to go by default to themes. So here, when you have it as your published dawn theme, it’s the one on top; you can have multiple themes at once and set them up without being the posted theme. So let’s go ahead and set this up.

Now, all we need to do is click on the “customize button.”

By default, you will have two navigation menus, home, and catalog pages, but you can customize them later.

To customize and add pages in the dawn theme, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Header section.
  2. Click on the main menu option from the right side of the page.
  3. Then, in a new window, click on Add menu item.
  4. Type the name of the page.
  5. Then paste a link to the page or select the default pages option from there.

Now save it, and it’s added to the header section.

A few steps to set up a home page using the Dawn are:

  1. Customize pages
  2. Customize the Header
  3. Add Image Banner
  4. Make buttons functioning
  5. Add/edit/ remove sections you want
  6. Add a featured products
  7. Preview in mobile view and Desktop view

That’s all you need to do.

Features of the Shopify Dawn Theme

1. Open-Source Theme Code

Open-source themes offer the most significant advantage of establishing and encouraging Open Standards.

Shopify promotes its best practices for theme developers by releasing the theme code to the public.
It facilitates higher-quality theme development across the board and allows Shopify merchants to access premium Shopify themes.

2. Dawn is the Most Customizable Free Theme

The Dawn theme is customizable, allowing you to create templates that control what is generated on each page. At the top of the page selection bar, you can create templates for individual pages or collections of pages by selecting “create a template.” By customizing these templates, you can make your page the way you want.

3. Dawn is Faster

A significant improvement over its predecessor is Dawn’s speed. Compared to Debut, it is 35% faster on all fronts, and it has advanced features that make editing a breeze. For example, the theme templates automatically clean up unnecessary or unused scripts and codes. Due to this, it loads faster than other themes.

4. Customizable Sections

Introducing customizable sections was one of the most exciting changes with Online Store 2.0. Traditionally, customizing sections involved a lot of HTML and CSS tweaking.
Using the Shopify Theme Editor, you can now add sections to any template across your store thanks to the new modular theme architecture.

In addition, Shopify Dawn’s new customizable sections feature allows you to customize essential page elements and even entire pages.

5. You Can Easily Add Embedded Apps

Embedding apps into web pages is easy with Dawn. You can install apps to add functionalities and integrations to your new theme. Adding apps is as simple as clicking Add block, selecting the app you want, and dragging and dropping it. In addition, the theme editor lets you preview, activate, deactivate, and customize embedded apps.

6. Upgraded Performance

The performance of the Dawn theme is considered in every aspect of its design. To optimize performance, Dawn uses several strategies. For example, it uses CSS and native browser features wherever possible instead of JavaScript to reduce bundle size and load times.

7. Custom Liquid Section

Objects and their properties are dynamically output using Liquid. Then, using tags or filters, you can further modify that output. Six primary data types have been utilized to output objects and object properties. Additionally, Liquid provides basic logical operators for comparing tags.

8. New Cart Drawer

Unlike other themes, the New Dawn theme has a cart drawer option that must add via custom code. Dawn Theme Cart Drawer is just what you need! With this easy-to-install code, you can transform your existing Dawn theme cart page into a sleek, sliding cart that makes shopping a breeze. =

It also looks great on any device, as it is fully responsive. With this new feature, customers can easily add and remove items from their cart and see their entire shopping cart at a glance.

Sections in the Dawn Theme

1. Header Section

Headers include links to other pages on your store as well as the store name or logo. Therefore, make sure that the main links are added and organized precisely.

2. Blog Post section

This page will appear when a user opens any blog post. The right panel allows you to customize the sections of your blog posts.

3. Collage section

Dawn theme can create collages from videos, images, products, and collections.
There are three blocks in each College section Video, development, and collection blocks are shown by default.

4. Collapsible content section

Using the collapsible content section, you can collapse or expand rows and place a picture to either the left or right of the collapsible content section.

5. Contact form section

There are two sections to the contact form by default: (1) Page and (2) Contact form. This page can even be customized according to the conditions of your store.

6. Custom Liquid Section

Create a custom section by adding your Liquid code. To introduce apps quickly to your pages, add app snippets from the instructions from your downloaded apps. Then, edit the Liquid code directly in the editor.

7. Email Sign-Up section

Customers can enter their email addresses on your password page to be advised when your store opens. This section has three default blocks: a heading, a subheading, and an email form.

8. Featured Collection section

It helps store visitors find the best and trendiest products by showcasing the Best of and Trending Products sections. You can also use it to show product collections.

9. Featured Products section

Our Product Recommendation feature is one of our most requested features. A visitor explores any product in Shopify and sees related products (from the same collection).

10. Image banner section

Reviewing this section, your customer will better understand your brand. In addition, with Dawn, you can add multiple images to one banner to make it more impressive.

11. Image with text section

You can use this section to inform your customers about your store. There is no limitation to what you can describe your brand, your new product category, etc.

12. Multi-column section

With the multi-column section, you can display content in a column layout and add a button below each column to take the customer to another page to highlight your selected product, collection, or blog post and pair text with an image. In addition, you can add details about availability, style, or reviews.

13. Page section

A custom page can be shown in this section. Rather than bringing any Liquid code from any template, this brings the entire page’s content into the section.

14. Rich text section

The rich text section can contain a heading, a caption, text, and a button to link customers to another page.

15. Slideshow section

Slideshow sections can be added to store pages to display images in a carousel.

16. Video Section

Adding a video section to your store will allow you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

17. Footer section

Your site visitors will find it easier to navigate if you include important links here.

In addition, this theme offers various theme settings, such as Typography, Layout, Buttons, Cards, Favicon, Checkout, and many more you can explore over there.

Final Lines

Dawn theme allows you to customize product and collection pages using different templates. In this way, you can customize your product pages in the same way as your home pages. Thus, you can create sections without coding.

Thanks to this update, your store can now be enhanced and improved more efficiently than ever.

To upgrade and level up your product pages on Shopify Online Store 2.0, I highly recommend taking advantage of this update. You can now customize your product pages and include all the information your customers need; hopefully, this will boost your conversion rate.

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