Website is a crucial asset to flourish any business. Unlike any other short-haul marketing or sales strategy, it promotes a brand and lures prospects around the clock. Think of it as an employee that delivers a pitch-perfect message to the visitors 365 days a year without missing a beat.

However, just like any other skilfully coded software, a website needs constant maintenance, support and upgrade.

Many business owners have jumped on the digital bandwagon to match footsteps with the tech-oriented world. However, getting a feature-rich business website up and running is not enough to lead the digital forefront. You need to update your site with every rollout, especially if it has been build on WordPress – the most dominant CMS with a market share of staggering 60.8% (which is more than all the other systems combined).

Website owners often fail to comprehend the importance of WordPress website care plan. Perhaps an analogy between the website and car maintenance will put things into perspective. To ensure a smooth ride and keep your car in shape, it needs regular tire check, oil change, and maybe some fluids filled or flushed. A website operates similarly. While it may not need tire check, your website certainly needs regular technical check, fresh content, and security fluids topped to ensure a smooth workflow with zero downtime.

Let’s take a closer look at the untapped power of website care plan and how it benefits in today’s fast-paced online industry.

Here are 5 Reasons Why WordPress Care Plan Important

#1 Enhanced Website Security

Security breach is arguably the most important aspect to be taken care of in a website care plan. With every popular software comes a handful of hackers trying to break into it. Currently, WordPress powers 27% of the internet. The immense popularity of the open source CMS has paved the way for hackers, data thieves, and malicious code distributors to break into and compromise websites.

On the flip side, there are ethical hackers around the world who assess the code and report security fixes. These security experts work diligently to patch vulnerabilities and release an update with bug fixes.

By holding onto an older version of WordPress, you offer unethical hackers an opportunity to slip through the cracks and exploit your software’s security vulnerability. WPBeginner states that 83% of WordPress websites are hacked due to outdated versions of PHP. Do not become a victim of a sophisticated attack by regularly updating WordPress plugins, theme, and the core as well.

#2 Maximum Performance Benefits

Website development is an ever-changing landscape. There are always new software and plugin releases that conform to the latest W3C standards while improvising the website performance simultaneously.

WordPress developers continuously strive to make things faster. With every WordPress update, several performance and speed improvements are released along with new features added to the software. Needless to say, speed and user experience are two huge factors to retain traffic to your website.

High-speed internet and unlimited access to information at the tip of our fingers has spoiled us. As a matter of fact, no internet user likes to wait more than 4 seconds for a website to load only to stumble upon a sluggish and out-of-date website.

Typically, a website care plan monitors and implements all the frequent updates to ensure a flawless website experience. Today’s internet savvy users expect no less than optimum performance – which is the primary reason why your website needs to stay up-to-date with the latest software functionalities and features.

Download our free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

#3 Keep Your Website Fresh

Nothing turns off a user more than a stale website. There are gazillion websites floating all over the internet, persistently competing with one another to stand out from the crowd. If you really want to gain an edge over your competitor websites, you need to put your best foot forward.

Website is an investment that generates huge ROI if handled the right way. It converses with hundreds of prospects, constantly trying to convert them into a long-term client. However, in order to attract potential leads and turn them into repeat visitors, your website should act as a hub of latest and updated information in your niche market.

With a website care plan, you can regularly update your website content according to the evolving visitor demands and trends in your niche. Moreover, the freshness factor plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your website. Both the search engines and users favor a freshly updated website.

#4 Time-saving Investment

There’s a lot on the plate of business owners – growing sales, brand exposure, and building an online reputation, to begin with. Add website maintenance to it and things could start getting overwhelming.

Building a website from scratch takes up too much time and energy let alone its monthly maintenance. From figuring out the right platform to breathing life into your business website, there’s a lot of head-scratching involved. And maintaining this site could eat your time and sanity, especially if dealing with technicalities is not your strong point.

You should work towards growing your business rather than tinkering with technicalities. Leave that to the professionals and focus on doing what you’re good at.

#5 Prevention is Cheaper than Cure

Website maintenance is an integral part of the entire web development life cycle. Overlooking this aspect could cost you big bucks, or even worse, loss of critical data.

Fixing a website often costs more than its regular maintenance. A WordPress website care plan saves you money in the long run by fixing minor bugs and keeping your site up-to-date, which could otherwise impair your website’s functionality and design if not kept in check for long.

Negligence and lack of forethought eventually lead to a broken website that is prone to despair. In adverse cases, it can also be vulnerable to malicious hacking. You would need expert technical assistance in that scenario. Even restoring an old backup could mean irrecoverable loss of recent content updates, sales orders, contact information database – something which could have been avoided altogether with regular website maintenance.


WordPress website care plan ensures your website is secure and ready to attract prospects every second of every day. Sign up for a suitable monthly plan to get the most out of your website and grow your business online.

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